To develop a strong Chemical Engineering Program focused on research, services and on educating students coming from all socioeconomic levels to convert them in professionals competitive at a worldwide level and knowledgeable of their social responsibility. To become a Department that harmonizes high quality education and a strong research program to provide world competitive graduates.

Educational Objectives

The educational objectives for the Chemical Engineering undergraduate program are as follows:

  1. Our graduates will be able to apply basic principles of science and engineering to modern chemical technology.
  2. Our graduates will be able to apply problem solving skills, design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data.
  3. Our graduates will be able to design systems, components, or processes within realistic constraints such as economic, social, ethical, environmental, health and safety.
  4. Our graduates will be able to communicate effectively in a bilingual setting and to function in multi-disciplinary teams.
  5. Our graduates will be able to build upon their undergraduate education, expand and adapt their knowledge and skills into their chosen career path.


  1. Undergraduate students and their families.
  2. Current graduate students and post doctoral fellows.
  3. Alumni and benefactors.
  4. Employers of graduates.
  5. State and federal agencies.
  6. Local community and businesses.
  7. Faculty and staff.
  8. Academic community.