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Oportunidad de empleo en Neolpharma

La Oficina de Colocaciones del RUM está recogiendo resumes para esta compañía:


Background on Neolpharma (Caguas, PR):


In February 2013 Neolpharma started operations in Puerto Rico, establishing ourselves in a plant with over 40 years experience of pharmaceutical manufacturing experience with the capabilities to produce tablets and capsules, including controlled products, blending and filling of non-sterile liquids and packaging in bottles and blisters. Our diverse services include manufacturing, packaging, warehousing, product and process development, and analytical services for method development, product testing and stability studies for global companies with presence in the United States and other leading world markets.


In April 2013 we announced CEDIPROF, a pioneer center in PR for the development of generic pharmaceutical products in solid dosage forms that include tablets, capsules and controlled release beads. CEDIPROF offers services such as:

  • Process formulation development
  • Process development in solid unit operations
  • Material characterization
  • Bio-equivalency studies
  • Commercial scale up
  • Regulatory Registration 


Currently we have several opportunities for students in the following areas (Preferably graduate students):

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering


Interesados pasar por el 5to piso del Centro de Estudiantes con su resumé o enviarlo a

Tel. (787)-265-3898

Día de la Investigación Universitaria 2015

Oportunidad de investigación Sub-graduada en verano en Stanford University

El Dr. Thomas Jaramillo de Stanford University, ofrecerá una orientación para estudiantes sub-graduados sobre el programa SURF (Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship).

        The SURF program provides undergraduate students with a 8 to 12-week summer research experience under the sponsorship of a Stanford faculty member. The SURF participants are twofold: (1) they are Stanford diversity students who received a Stanford incentive diversity grant or (2) they are diversity students from other campuses, who are part of the EDP Ph.D. recruitment efforts or part of the Leadership Alliance Consortium housed on the Brown University campus.

        The SURF research experience is an excellent way to introduce outstanding students to the direct applications of science and engineering. SURF enables students to experience the joys and challenges of research; to broaden their academic performance in engineering, and to make a well-informed career decision about whether to pursue graduate studies or to undertake a career in engineering.


Esta oportunidad es para aquellos prospectos que tienen proyectos con potencial de presentar SBIRs o STTRs exitosos. Aquellos interesados pueden escribirle al Dr. José Iván Vega(ADEM) para ser anotado para cuando sepamos cuantos espacios queden disponibles. Personas que ya completaron el Programa de ICORP PR tienen prioridad.