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  • Synthesis and Characterization of Inorganic and Metal Organic Framework Materials
  • Synthesis and Characterization of Porous Composites
  • Separations via Adsorption
  • Purification and Ultrapurification of Gases
  • Removal of Contaminants of Emerging Concern from Water
  • Dr. José Primera-Pedrozo, Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Rodinson Arrieta, PhD Student
  • Bethzaely Fernandez, PhD Student
  • Jennifer Guerrero-Medina, PhD Student
  • Krisiam Ortíz, PhD Student
  • Karina Riascos, PhD Student
  • Silvana Urcia, PhD Student
  • 2016 Great Minds in Stem (GMiS) Professional Achievement Award
  • 2013 and 2014 UPRM College of Engineering Distinguished Researcher
  • 2006 – 2012 NSF-CAREER Award
  • 2004 – 2005, 2005 – 2006, 2007 – 2008, 2010 – 2011, 2012 – 2013, 2013 – 2014 UPRM Chemical Engineering Outstanding Professor
  • 2004 NSF-EPSCoR Faculty Start-Up Award
  • 2004 University of Michigan, College of Engineering Graduate Distinguished Achievement Award
  • 2003 AIChE Separations Division Graduate Student Research Award in Adsorption and Ion Exchange – American Institute of Chemical Engineers/Praxair
  • 2003 ScholarPOWER Academic Award – University of Michigan/General Motors Corporation
  • 2001 GEM PhD Fellowship – National Consortium for Graduate Degrees for Minorities in Engineering and Science
  • 2000 Rackham/NSF Fellowship – University of Michigan/National Science Foundation
  • Ortiz-Martínez, K.; Reddy, P.; Cabrera-Lafaurie, W.A.; Román, F.R.; Hernández-Maldonado, A.J. Single and Multi-component Adsorptive Removal of Bisphenol A and 2,4-Dichlorophenol from Aqueous Solutions with Transition Metal Modified Inorganic-Organic Pillared Clay Composites: Effect of pH and Presence of Humic Acid. J. Hazard. Mater. 2016312, 262. DOI: http://10.1016/j.jhazmat.2016.03.073
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