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Office: IQ-207-H

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Field(s):Catalysis, Nanomaterials

Current Course(s):

Curriculum Vitae:

  • INQU4005 Materials and Energy Balances
  • INQU4017 Chemical Engineering Kinetics and Catalysis
  • INQU4995 Engineering Practice for Co-op Students
  • INQU5020 Chemical Process Safety and Economics
  • INQU5030 Chemical Engineering Laboratory II
  • INQU6005 Reactor Design
  • INQU6038 X-ray Characterization Of Materials
  • Metal Nano-structures
  • Inorganic Materials,sensors
  • Storage Applications
  • Hector G. Mendez Colberg
  • Liliana Gamez Mendoza
  • Keren Valentin Esteves