Department of Chemical Engineering

Course Credits Title
INQU3005 3 Introduction To Chemical Engineering
INQU3047 3 Chemical Process Manufacturing
INQU4001 4 Heat Transfer Operations
INQU4002 4 Mass Transfer Operations
INQU4003 4 Unit Operations III
INQU4004 1 Unit Opearations Laboratory III
INQU4005 4 Materials And Energy Balances
INQU4006 3 Transport Processes
INQU4008 3 Mathematical Analysis Of Chemical Engineering
INQU4010 4 Momentum Transfer Operations
INQU4011 3 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
INQU4012 3 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II
INQU4015 3 Introduction To Chemical Engineering Kinetics And Catalysis
INQU4016 3 Plastics Technology
INQU4017 4 Chemical Engineering Kinetics And Catalysis
INQU4019 3 Air Pollution Chemistry
INQU4026 3 Distillation And Gas Absorption
INQU4027 1 Chemical Engineering Seminar
INQU4028 3 Petroleum Technology
INQU4029 4 Pharmaceutical Operations
INQU4034 2 Chemical Engineering Laboratory I
INQU4035 2 Chemical Engineering Laboratory II
INQU4036 3 Chemical Engineering Practice
INQU4038 3 Project Management For Chemical Engineers
INQU4045 3 Polymer Processing
INQU4047 3 Chemical Manufacturing Processes
INQU4055 3 Chemical Process And Products Economy
INQU4075 2 Food Technology
INQU4077 3 Unit Operations In Food Processing
INQU4085 3 Soft Materials
INQU4105 1 Entering Research In Chemical Engineering I
INQU4106 1 Entering Research In Chemical Engineering II
INQU4206 3 Quantitative Frameworks In Biological Systems
INQU4207 3 Bioseparation Engineering
INQU4805 3 Interdisciplinary Experience In Manufacturing
INQU4995 0 Engineering Practice For Co-op Students
INQU4998 0 Undergraduate Research
INQU5005 3 Process Heat Transfer
INQU5006 3 Statistical Methods For Chemical Engineers
INQU5008 3 Computer Simulation Of Processes And Units
INQU5009 3 Chemical Engineering Applications To Biomedical
INQU5010 3 Fundamentals Of Biomedical Engineering
INQU5015 3 Fundamentals Of Air Pollution
INQU5016 3 Chemical Processes Design And Economics
INQU5018 3 Air Pollution Control
INQU5019 3 Industrial Waste Control
INQU5020 3 Chemical Process Safety And Economics
INQU5021 3 Chemical Engineering Process Design I
INQU5022 3 Chemical Engineering Process Design II
INQU5025 3 Analysis And Control Of Processes
INQU5026 3 Microclimate And Dispersion Of Air Pollutants
INQU5027 3 Equilibrium Stage Processes
INQU5028 2 Advances In Chemical Engineering
INQU5029 2 Bioprocess Engineering Laboratory
INQU5030 2 Chemical Engineering Laboratory II
INQU5035 3 Biochemical Engineering
INQU5036 3 Particualte Systems
INQU5037 3 Membrane Separation Processes
INQU5045 3 Transport Phenomena
INQU5047 3 Chemical Process Safety And Environmental Risk
INQU5050 3 Hazardous Waste Treatment
INQU5055 3 Advanced Process Design
INQU5075 3 Polymer Engineering
INQU5076 3 Polymer Science
INQU5555 3 Advanced Control Methods And Instrumentation
INQU5995 0 Special Problems
INQU6001 3 Mathematical Methods In Chemical Engineering
INQU6002 3 Numerical Methods In Chemical Engineering
INQU6005 3 Reactor Design
INQU6006 3 Simulation Of Chemical Processes
INQU6007 3 Optimization Of Chemical Processes
INQU6008 3 Advanced Process Design Techniques
INQU6009 3 Colloids And Interfaces
INQU6010 3 Applied Molecular Biology For Engineers
INQU6015 3 Chemical Engineering Of High Polymers
INQU6016 3 Advanced Transport Phenomena
INQU6017 3 Analysis Of Separation Processes
INQU6018 3 Advanced Heat Transfer
INQU6019 3 Advanced Thermodynamics
INQU6020 3 Structure And Rheology Of Complex Fluids
INQU6025 3 Catalysis
INQU6026 2 Advanced Chemical Engineering Laboratory
INQU6027 3 Applied Mathematics In Engineering
INQU6028 3 Instrumentation And Control Processes
INQU6029 0 Graduate Seminar
INQU6035 3 Selected Topics In Biochemical Engineering
INQU6036 0 Engineering Project
INQU6037 0 Master's Thesis
INQU6038 3 X-ray Characterization Of Materials
INQU6039 0 Engineering Projects Review
INQU6105 3 Computational Modeling Applied To Chemical Engineering
INQU6606 3 Electrochemical Engineering
INQU6607 3 Polymer Physics
INQU6995 0 Special Problems
INQU8005 3 Finite Elements In Transport Phenomena
INQU8006 3 Atmospheric Transport Phenomena
INQU8007 3 Transport Phenomena In Biological Systems
INQU8010 3 Special Topics In Transport Phenomena
INQU8015 3 Models For Flow Systems In Chemical Reactors
INQU8016 0 Special Topics In Heterogeneous Catalysis
INQU8025 3 Food Fermentation And Biotechnology
INQU8027 3 Engineering Principles Applied To Drug Therapy
INQU8035 3 Bioseparation Engineering
INQU8036 3 Adsorption In Nanostructures Materials
INQU8099 1 Doctoral Seminar
INQU8103 3 Fundamentals, Fabrication, And Application Of Metalic And Magneti Nanoparticles
INQU8104 3 Introduction To Nanomedicine Science And Technology
INQU8105 1 Nanomedicine Seminar
INQU8995 0 Special Problems
INQU8996 0 Doctoral Seminar
INQU8997 0 Special Topics In Complex Fluids
INQU8999 0 Doctoral Dissertation