The Institute for Functional Nanomaterials (IFN) brings together more than 40 active research nano scientists and engineers into four thematically coherent research interdisciplinary groups (IRGs): Nanoparticles as Tools in BioSensing, BioImaging, and Novel Treatments (IRG 1), Thin Film Nanostructures for Logic and Memory Devices (IRG 2), Nanotechnology Based Remediation (IRG 3) and Nanomaterials for Renewable Energy: Light Harvesting (IRG 3). The IFN aims at increasing the amount and quality of transformative research and the intellectual property in NST in the Jurisdiction. Ongoing collaborations with nationally recognized strategic partners complement the resources and scientific capabilities of the four IRGs, thus helping to bootstrap and accelerate the Jurisdiction’s capacity to reach national levels of competitiveness in NST.
Members: Arturo Hernandez Maldonado, Madeline Torres Lugo, Nelson Cardona Martinez,Patricia Ortiz Bermudez, Ubaldo M Cordova Figueroa