Soft matter is an interdisciplinary field that includes disciplines such as Engineering, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Materials Science, and Mathematics. A particular area of interest to the UPRM Soft Matter Collective is the understanding of how the deformation of materials with multifunctional and/or reconfigurable properties correlates to their fundamental composition and structure. This effort is key to properly place in context the operative forces that govern these materials at different length and time scales and acquire a necessary guidance to continue finding underlying principles that connect them. The investigators of this Collective are challenged with fundamental questions such as: What causes these materials to deform or flow? What forces operate depending on the relevant length scale? Why do some materials deform faster than others? What similar features are found between synthetic and biological materials? What makes a soft material reconfigurable and multifunctional? How does modifying their surface chemistry change their bulk properties? And how are these novel properties incorporated into current materials? All these fundamental questions are addressed via experiments, theory and simulations. Ultimately, our efforts will translate into innovative products to address important global challenges.